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In modern banks risk management is at the heart of business operations. Financial institutions are looking for new tools to improve transparency and to help them manage their exposure to risk more effectively. Our customers are looking for risk products which can address the following challenges:


Banking and securities regulators have made it clear that they will strongly focus on risk and compliance functions during inspections and in determining capital requirements.


There is a real focus on driving transparency across the business. Systems must be flexible enough to allow each level of the organization to operate independently and manage their own risk. At the same time senior management need to be able to make decisions at an enterprise level to ensure that potential losses are avoided.

Getting the Right Figures at the Right Time

Flexible reporting is needed across all aspects of a bank’s operations. Risk managers need drill-down capabilities which allow them to operate at a granular level and instant evaluation on the impact of new trades.

Scalability and Openness

With an expanding focus on reporting and the subsequent increase in the volumes of complex stress tests and reports banks current risk systems are struggling to keep up with the demands that are being placed on them.

At the same time as volumes are increasing, pressure is also on risk managers to keep up with new instruments and continuous product innovation.

Cost Efficiency

Increased pressure on cost and a need to do more with less is placing IT teams under increasing pressure to ensure that products are delivered quickly and make the best use of skills and resources.


Why Choose KGR?

Intuitive and dynamic risk dashboards

The latest version of Kondor Global Risk includes a dynamic risk dashboard that provides a powerful way to visualize information and understand its meaning quickly. Sitting behind the dashboard is an advanced data aggregation engine that can take inputs from disparate data sources and dynamically aggregate the information, to deliver lightning fast slice-and-dice and drill-down performance. Key characteristics include:

Usability - display the required information in one click
Understanding - instantaneously access an explanation of each value
Reporting - process billions of data points, to report risk figures in a second

Leverage Front Office capabilities in risk department

Kondor Global Risk is the only product which can use the actual analytical libraries that are developed and maintained directly by the Front Office.

Confidence - with KGR, risk departments get the major advantage of using the same pricing libraries as the Front Office giving financial institutions much greater confidence in their risk figures.
Time to market - by building on existing IT infrastructures, risk departments can be more reactive to new products being traded.
No reconciliation of transaction data - transaction data are mainly stored in Front Office systems, so using data from these systems directly avoids lengthy data reconciliation processes and frees risk managers to spend more time on risk analysis.

Credit and Market Risk in one product

KGR provides Market Risk, Credit Risk and Limits Management in a single application. It supports better decision making thanks to real-time access to all risk factors, whether credit or market based, with the most sophisticated analysis tools available on the market. KGR links all risks components in one place and provides an evolutionary framework that adapts to changing market conditions and regulations.

Sophisticated and flexible stress testing

KGR includes a sophisticated and highly flexible stress testing engine that allows risk managers to model exposures to different historical, event driven and client specific scenarios over any time period.

Highly flexible limits rules

KGR supports sophisticated limits rules that allow users to structure any kind of limit, internal business hierarchy, or counterparty hierarchy. The product allows users to re-allocate limits on the fly.

Powerful data aggregation and analysis engines

The aggregation and analysis engines at the heart of Kondor Global Risk offer risk managers an unrivalled level of power and flexibility to build and run the most complex scenarios. Users can update data and then re-run only the relevant parts of an analysis which automatically rolls up into the revised overall result. The power of the engines comes from the unique way Kondor Global Risk retrieves, stores and aggregates data.

Open, flexible and generic data model

KGR’s open and generic data model gives users the flexibility to create models using their own measures of risk, enabling them to easily simulate any banking activity; for example, fully exploring counterparty risks.

Global and local coverage to understand our customers’ needs

We are the largest risk management provider globally with over 1000 highly-skilled risk professionals serving over 600 financial institutions in 66 countries. Our strong relationships and deep subject matter experience have made us a partner of choice for leading financial institutions around the world.

Our global network of certified risk consultants ensures that we understand cultural and local market requirements and how different country- and sector-specific regulatory demands need to be addressed.



KGR in Action

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More Information

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Case Study

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Case Study

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“The KGR implementation for VaR has enabled us to develop advanced strategies for measuring risk and performing complex market risk computations, with a particular emphasis on meeting Basel II requirements. This has all been achieved within the constraints of our existing IT infrastructure.”
Sami Ainous, Head of Treasury and Trading Technology, Noor Islamic Bank


About Misys

Misys is at the forefront of the financial software industry, providing the broadest portfolio of banking, treasury, trading and risk solutions available on the market. With 1,800 customers in 120 countries our team of domain experts and partners have an unparalleled ability to address industry requirements at both a global and local level.

Misys was formed by the merger of Misys with Turaz, which includes the award-winning Kondor+ product line. Combined they are able to address all customer requirements across both the banking and trading book businesses. Misys is the trusted partner that financial services organisations turn to for help solving their most complex problems.


Understand - Move from Measuring to Understanding

Kondor Global Risk allows risk managers to spend more time managing risk rather than just measuring it. It allows users to add value through analysis rather than wasting time searching for data. The product provides a powerful Risk visualizer which converts data into information. KGR doesn’t just alert users to risk – it immediately explains from where the risks originate so that action can be taken to address them. Sitting behind KGR’s dashboard is an advanced data aggregation engine that can take inputs from multiple disparate data sources and dynamically aggregate the information in real time. KGR allows users to identify issues quickly by drilling down into the underlying data in seconds.


Forecast - Act on Risk Intelligence

Kondor Gobal Risk allows users and banks to make proactive business decisions based on risk intelligence. It ensures that risk managers are armed with right information on which to base their judgments, ensuring that the business can operate efficiently while not being exposed to unacceptable risk. The product's highly flexible stress-testing engine allows it to handle complex scenarios across individual business units or even the entire enterprise; KGR’s scalable architecture allows it to process millions of PVs in minutes ensuring that banks are to respond to events in real time – basing decisions on the most accurate business intelligence possible.

In addition the robustness of the system and its scalable architecture ensures that banks are in a position to manage year-on-year volume growth and are able to cope with the growing complexity of scenarios and business requirements.


Control - Look Beyond Regulation

Kondor Global Risk allows risk managers to control their global exposures across multiple business units and front-office systems for all asset classes. It provides customers with a powerful, real-time credit/market risk and limits management system. KGR ensures that users can operate in line with business and regulatory demands (Basel II & III). Furthermore KGR can be used as an engine to speed up compliance reporting processes in existing systems by pre calculating all necessary compliance exposure data.

Our global team of highly qualified and experienced consultants is committed to getting our clients up and running in the shortest time possible. All our customers have access to a library of templates which can be configured to ensure it meets the exact regulatory requirements of each specific country. By working collaboratively with our customers we are able to implement risk products with the flexibility to address current and future regulatory demands in a single system.

By using KGR our customers are ensuring that they are able to operate in accordance with best practice and are able to conducting their risk management operations in the most effective way possible.


What is KGR?

Kondor Global Risk is a proven product that can be rapidly deployed by any financial institution. It provides risk managers with the 360 degree view of counterparty, credit and market risks required to run their business effectively in today’s markets.